Want to monitor irregularities during election time?  Need to set up a long-term monitoring campaign on the delivery of medical supplies? TRAC FM’s software is flexible, hassle-free and requires minimal technical knowledge. Use of the TRAC FM platform does not require any software installation and can easily be adapted to fit your specific need, such as language and functionality.

Free data 

We have a substantial body of data on public reports and opinions which we are happy to share with you.  If you are interested in receiving more results from our polls, captured in clear graphs, please send an email to info@tracfm.org 

Poll suggestions

You also may suggest an interesting poll question to us in the sector and we may consider running it on our partner radio station, please contact us.

See the brochure for more detailed information and what TRAC FM can do for your organization. Or email us at: info@tracfm.org