Serious citizens; Gender Based Violence - Poll 4

What is the main reason for alcohol abuse?

28% -
Stress because of family matters
25% - 
Weak regulations on the use of alcohol
17% - 
17% -
Peer pressure (imitating friends)
13% - 
Boredom (there is nothing else to do)

The majority of respondents (28%) indicate 'stress because of family matters is the major reason for alcohol abuse.

A recent study in South Africa found the two most important risk factors for GBV to be economic hardship and alcohol abuse. In many instances, these two issues are inexorably linked.

Women are expected to serve a daily meal and take care of children and the elderly, and for this, they mostly depend on their male partners to bring in resources. When, at the end of the day, basic needs like food, money for fees, or medicine are not provided, stress levels and tension within the household rise. Weak regulations on the sale and consumption of cheap and widely available sachets containing potent spirits make alcohol the ideal refuge to manage high stress levels.

25% of respondents think these weak regulations are the main reason for the alcohol problem. Although no clear statistics are available, follow-up interviews indicate that female respondents report the same results as men and are equally gripped by alcohol to relieve stress and anxiety.