Why do husbands hit their wives? Ugandans speak out!

Women are more likely to accept gender violence once the bride price is paid.

How to address shame after teenage pregnancy

Social acceptance key for teen moms' education in Uganda, says 67%of poll respondents.

The Impact of Shame on Ugandan Teenage Mothers' Education

Shame blocks education for teenage moms in Uganda, says over half of nearly 13,000 survey respondents.

Preventing 'Accidental' Teenage Pregnancies in Uganda

Ugandans cling to the abstinence-only approach, despite its ineffectiveness against teen pregnancies. 

The Main Cause of Teenage Pregnancies in Uganda.

Does Uganda's teen pregnancy strategy miss the mark? 63% say it's caused by unsafe sex, not child marriage and rape. 

Need for Behaviour Change and Training to Improve Hygiene in Uganda

A recent poll conducted by TRAC FM as a part of the WASH and Learn campaign in Uganda sheds light on the pressing need to improve hygiene practices in the country.

Using AI to Empower Communities: TRAC FM's Innovative Feedback System

TRAC FM is using AI for natural language processing, personalizing feedback, sentiment analysis and enhancing data visualization to better understand and respond to the needs and desires of communities.
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TRAC FM information video

Valerie Amos

Valerie Amos UN OCHA highlights Trac FM in speech

 "To be effective we must listen to people (...) using for example TRAC FM to conduct country-wide citizen centred interactive radio polls."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IetQVIpeKxs&t=917s Valerie Amos, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, About TRAC FM, Speech at Canadian Humanitarian Conference.