What do you think is the most important circumstance for a man or woman to deny their spouse conjugal rights?

Conjugal rights are important in marriage. For cultural and religious reasons, there is no place for negotiation, discussion or denial of conjugal rights/ sexual intercourse in marriage. However, spouses do acknowledge that there may be circumstances under which they would rather not consent to conjugal rights/ sexual intercourse. The reasons for denial can vary.

What is the purpose of the Marriage and Divorce Bill?

Efforts to change the controversial Marriage and Divorce Bill started in the 1960s. However, these efforts have faced scrutiny from religious and cultural leaders and individuals in parliament. Opponents of the bill fear that the law will change the values of marriage. Those in favour of the bill believe that it is an important tool for ensuring equal rights and will benefit all Ugandans equally.

What is the main reason that more men start businesses compared to women?

The Africa Human Development Report 2016 released 3 months ago by the UN, the report warned that Uganda has to accelerate gender equality by empowering more women in all spheres of development if the country is to achieve the much desired middle-income status.

What should be changed in the way our children are taught in schools today?

Youth unemployment is a big problem in Uganda, and different sources indicate that between 60% and 80% of the young population are unemployed. Many Ugandan secondary and university students are struggling to find a job after they graduate.
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Common Matters radio presenter's workshop

For its upcoming program, Trac FM invited representatives from the 9 partnering radio stations for a 2-day workshop at Sir Jose Hotel in Ggaba.

Do you think the Tobacco Control Law recently passed is necessary?

On 21st May 2016, the government of Uganda passed the Tobacco Control Law that will fight and regulate the use of tobacco
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Should the government minimize or ban sports betting in the country?

There are betting shops in almost every urban town across the country, laws relating to lottery and gambling have become obsolete and are not sensitive to the new modes of gambling and the unprecedented growth of the industry. 
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TRAC FM information video

Valerie Amos

Valerie Amos UN OCHA highlights Trac FM in speech

 "To be effective we must listen to people (...) using for example TRAC FM to conduct country-wide citizen centred interactive radio polls."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IetQVIpeKxs&t=917s Valerie Amos, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, About TRAC FM, Speech at Canadian Humanitarian Conference.