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Have you ever consulted your leaders about the construction or maintenance of your community roads?


Ideally, members of a community should be able to challenge their leaders on matters of governance. For example, if a government funded school has pit latrines in a poor state, and yet parents are also paying school fees, the community should demand an explanation from the officials responsible.

Realistically, this is difficult for many reasons: people may not know they have a right to demand accountability, others may not know where to demand this accountability from, and lastly citizens in general do not monitor service delivery in their communities. 

In January 2011, an in depth assessment of the competence of the citizens in the Rwenzori region by the RWECO team revealed that there has been increased awareness of the community through the various channels that RWECO employed such as radio, community meetings, forum theatre, visibility materials and publications; there was also increased ability of the communities to manage and own their own development initiatives such as maintaining of roads which was rated at 65%. 


Have you ever consulted your leaders on the construction or maintenance of your community roads? 

A. Yes

B. No

C. I do not know how to contact them


Go to Messages in your phone. Type HITS followed by the name of your district, and then your answer. Send that to 8585. This SMS is totally FREE OF CHARGE. 

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