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As a citizen of Uganda, what is the role you expect from your Members of Parliament?


According to rural debates and the Orukurato program on Hits fm sponsored by Tooro development network, political talk shows, Kalimagezi and Tinfayo Logic and other media channels, people have different views of the roles of their members of parliament. 

One of those is the assumption that MPs must satisfy their citizens’ wants, to the extent of encroaching on their personal finances. An example was the saga in which MPs had borrowed heavily in the course of their work, and banks were threatening to freeze their assets. The president had to bail them out, but he cautioned them to stop borrowing loans to satisfy citizens. 


As a citizen of Uganda, what is the role you expect from your members of parliament? 

A. To develop constituencies by building roads, bridges, hospitals and schools 
B. To give tokens of appreciation to the electorate, like school fees and financing savings cooperatives 
C. To oversee the successful implementation of government programs, like NAADS
D. To draft laws for the development of the country


Go to messages on your phone and type HITS and the name of your district, followed by either A, B, C or D. Leave a short comment explaining your answer. Send your message to 8585. This SMS is totally FREE OF CHARGE.   

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