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What do you think can help to control the complications and deaths caused by abortions?


Uganda’s New Vision published an article on February 18, 2015 in which the Center for Health Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) claimed that the government spends approximately Shs7.5 billion shillings every year treating complications resulting from unsafe abortions.

Dr. Olive Ssentumbwe from the World Health Organization (WHO) says this is because Ugandans don't use contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

She also said that Uganda has 840 cases of abortion a day. With approximately 35 abortions an hour, she estimated that each woman pays 60,000 shillings for the actual abortion and 120,000 shillings for care after the abortion. Many of these unsafe abortions lead to complications such as disability, permanent infertility, and death.

The fact that abortion is illegal also makes it difficult to track and protect young girls or women that want to perform these operations because they are afraid of being prosecuted by the law.

What do you think can be done to control the complications and deaths caused by abortions?

A. Sensitize and educate both men and women on family planning to avoid unwanted pregnancies
B. Pass stronger laws and increase the punishment for those performing abortions
C. Legalize abortion


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