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How is the germination of your own home-saved indigenous vegetable seed when you plant?

Seed is very important in determining how your crop performs in the field and the subsequent yield you get when you harvest. To have quality seed you must have grown your vegetable specifically for seed, following the right spacing and management practices such as timely weeding time, proper harvesting and seed processing and storage. The way you store your seed can destroy it and maintain good quality. When your seed is not well processed and stored such as in an open container, the seed losses its viability and therefore does not germinate well. Such seed when planted usually the germination is poor and you may have to gap fill. For those that germinate, they do not usually show good vigorously plants. Such plants are easily affected by pests, diseases and water shortage.  

On the other hand when you plant your vegetable for seed, you are expected to follow the proper spacing and management practices. Such crop is not supposed to be harvested and eaten but left till the seed matures.  

When you plant good seed in good fertile soils you get very good germination, that can be over 70% of what you plant germinates, the crop shows very good vigour and can withstand some pests and diseases. Such a crop will finally give you high yields at harvest.  

How is the germination of your own home-saved indigenous vegetable seed when you plant?
A. 70% and above
B. 50 – 70%
C. Less than 50%     

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