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How can your water supply be improved?

The Water and Sanitation Development Facility - North carries out a number of activities:
- It constructs piped-water supply systems and sanitation facilities and extends these schemes to underserved areas;
- It carries out promotional campaigns to improve latrine coverage and personal hygiene;
- It establishes management structures, such as Water Boards and Operators and builds the capacity of local authorities and builds capacities of local authorities and communities to sustainably operate and manage the investments;
- It sensitizes communities on water and sanitation to ensure their effective participation and ownership.

Unfortunately, not all water schemes are working effectively. Centers with piped-water supplies should ensure that their systems are working. Otherwise, they can contact the WSDF-N offices in Lira-town where they can get the necessary help. We would like to know how your water supply can be improved.

How can your water supply be improved? 
A) My water supply broke down and needs to be repaired;
B) My water scheme does not have enough capacity to supply the whole community;
C) My water supply should be replaced by a piped-water scheme;
D) My water scheme is poorly managed and the operator is not doing his job;
E) My water works fine.

Go to messages on your phone. Type WATER followed by your SUB-COUNTY and your ANSWER. Send to 8585. This message is FREE OF CHARGE

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