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SIMBA CM 3.1: Which health service is most required by adolescents in your community?


In a traditional health facility setting, all patients access care according to specific health needs. However, this does not cater for the needs of adolescents and young people, especially when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. To address the health needs of the adolescents, youth friendly health services are available in some public and private health facilities. Unfortunately, these are not always available or fully functioning, while the need for services is there. 

Which health service is most required by adolescents in your community? 

a) Information and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
b) Provision of family planning services.
c) Provision of maternal care for teenage pregnancies.
d) Psychosocial care for sexual or substance abuse.
e) Information on youth health rights.

Go to messages on your phone & type SIMBA (SPACE) DISTRICT (SPACE) ANSWER (a, b, c, d or e) and Send your message to 8585. This SMS is totally FREE of charge.

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