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HITS CM 5.2: What is the biggest barrier for you to not practice agroforestry?


The purpose of agroforestry is to combine agriculture and planting of trees and forests that reduce the effects of climate change. Trees play a crucial role in the regulation of rains and temperature, on a local and larger scale. The current pace of tree cutting disrupts traditional raining seasons and increases temperatures. Agroforestry activities are seen as a solution to combat this change in climate. Examples are planting fruit trees, shade trees that contribute to the growth of other crops, and small forests that contribute to soil fertility and rain. Still, more than half of the Ugandan population is not yet implementing these activities.


What is the biggest barrier for you to not practice agroforestry?

A - Lack of knowledge and skills.
B - It takes a long time before income can be generated
C - Lack of seedlings, tools, and equipment
D - Growing crops like maize is more profitable

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