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AKICA CM2 1.0 | Will the issuance of land titles for customary land bring development or become a source of conflict?


80% of all land in Uganda is held under unregistered customary tenure. Research shows that only 2% of all land in Uganda is registered. Although people do not have certificates or titles to prove ownership of their land, their land rights are recognised by law. Current government policy on land is to move rapidly from customary tenure to freehold tenure. 
According to the government, freehold tenure will ease registering land ownership to guarantee people's land rights and also improve investment on land. However, some fear that registering customary land could cause more land conflicts in communities.


Will the issuance of land titles/certificates for customary, mailo land bring development or become a source of conflict?

A: It will bring development since it will encourage the use of land for investment.
B: It will be a source of conflict since it favours those who have money

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