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DELTA CM2 1.3 | What is the common reason for land evictions in your community?


As the demand for land continues to grow, land has become a commercialized product in Uganda today. As a result, land conflicts have become very common in Uganda. Evictions have become a common solution to land disputes. On the one hand evictions can be the only way of solving disputes of unlawful encroachment or settlement on land and on the other hand, evictions have severe effects on the livelihoods of the victims especially when evictions are forced and unlawful.


What is the common reason for land evictions in your community?

A. Acquisition of land for development by government
B. Conflicts between Landlords and tenants/clan
C. Acquisition of land for the extractives industry
D. Encroachment on protected areas
E. Acquisition of land for private investment

Go to messages on your phone & type DELTA (SPACE) DISTRICT (SPACE) ANSWER (a, b, c or d) and Send your message to 8881. This SMS is totally FREE of charge. I encourage women and girls to participate. DO NOT let men speak for you. Make your opinion count!

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