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HITS EA 1.1 | What limits you from acquiring renewable energy technologies?


Over 90% of Ugandans rely on firewood and charcoal as the source of fuel for cooking. This has negative impacts on the environment, people’s health and livelihoods. Experts argue that increasing access to renewable energy alternatives such as solar, biogas, hydro electric power will not only reduce these negative impacts, it will also contribute to sustainable social and economic development

What limits you from acquiring renewable energy technologies?

A. They are not available in my area
B. I  don’t think I need them
C. I can not afford them
D. I tried but they did not work well

Go to messages on your phone & type HITS (SPACE) DISTRICT (SPACE) ANSWER (a, b, c or d) and Send your message to 8881. This SMS is totally FREE of charge. I encourage women and girls to participate. DO NOT let men speak for you. Make your opinion count!

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