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HUNTER CM2 1.4 | As a tenant, do you have a certificate of occupancy?


Land registration provides an underlying structure on which ownership rights on land are recognized. In addition, land registration also helps in resolving or reducing land disputes. In Uganda, registration of land is voluntary. Majority of land in Uganda is not registered. It is estimated that only 18-20% of Ugandan land is fully registered.
Majority of the citizens live on plots of land as tenants or occupants. In such cases, ownership is often recognized based on purchase agreements.


As a tenant, do you have a certificate of occupancy?

A. No, I don’t have one
B. No, I am unable to get one
C. Yes I have a certificate of occupancy
D. I don't know what a Certificate of occupancy is

Go to messages on your phone & type HUNTER (SPACE) DISTRICT (SPACE) ANSWER (a, b, c or d) and Send your message to 8881. This SMS is totally FREE of charge. I encourage women and girls to participate. DO NOT let men speak for you. Make your opinion count!

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