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#Where in your community can a farmer obtain sweet potato vines? - RADIO WA

Last week, episode two ended with Esteri and Florence talking about child health; we also learnt that Florence is pregnant. But before the two women’s child health discussion, Rolland and Kenneth were having fun, drinking and enjoying at Bosco’s Bar. In our poll question that day, 80% suggested that Florence grow Orange Sweet Potato, 10% suggested that Florence grows Millet and 10% suggested that Florence grows Matooke… Today, let’s see what happens to Rolland’s plan of selling land.

After the play

In this episode, Nora tells Florence a lot about orange sweet potato and vitamin A. Florence her neighbour is not aware of this new crop. We learnt that Nora got the vines from nurse Dinah, her elder sister. She may now give the vines to Florence and from Florence someone may also pick it and the last person to receive may be you. (In your text reply today, feel free to share with us…)

Poll question

Where in your community can a farmer obtain sweet potato vines?
A. (NAADS) Through Government Programs
B. From Fellow Farmers
C. Through NGOs
D. From your old garden
E. Others (Specify)

Instructions: Go to messages on your phone, Type in POTO -leave a space- NAME OF YOUR DISTRICT and type in either A, B, C, D or E. Send your message to 8585 - Absolutely free of charge

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