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#Have you ever eaten orange sweet potato? - VOICE OF KAMWENGE



Today we bring to you Episode 4. But before that, in Episode 3, Florence discovered a lot of good news about orange sweet potato; orange sweet potato takes only three and a half months in the garden, it is good for human health because of being rich in Vitamin A and above all the best food for children.
In your text reply to our poll question: In Kamwenge District, 49% said they get orange sweet potato vines from fellow farmers, 31% through NAADS, 16% from NGOs and 4% from old gardens...
In Rubirizi District: 28% said they get orange sweet potato vines from fellow farmers, 33% through NAADS, 33% from NGOs and 6% from old gardens.
Now that Florence has learned about orange sweet potato, will she do like Nora. What about Rolland; is he still interested in selling the plot?           

After the drama

Land must be sold! Says Rolland.
For my children, this land will remain!  That is according to Florence. Now that Florence has tasted orange sweet potato, it may not be easy for Rolland to sell the farmland. From Florence’s exclamation, “Oh my gosh! This is delicious! Where has this been hiding all along?” you can imagine the taste of Orange Sweet Potato.

Poll question

Have you ever eaten orange sweet potato?
A.        Yes
B.        No

Instructions: Go to messages on your phone, Type in VOKA -leave a space- NAME OF YOUR DISTRICT and type in either A. YES or B.No Send your message to 8585 - Absolutely free of charge

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