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What should all motorcycle dealers focus on in their business?

Boda boda (bicycle taxis) made their entry into public commuter transport business in the 1970s from the border town of Busia, ferrying travellers from the town centre to customs exit point for a fraction of the cost of the conventional motor vehicle taxis.
It is from here that the name boda boda was derived and many years later, they have metamorphosed from the manual cycles to motorised bikes now under popular brands Bajaj Boxer and TVs, giving income opportunities to many people, either as riders or owners.
In Northern Uganda that has for over two decades experienced the effect of insurgencies from the Karimojong cattle rustling and the LRA war, boda boda business is fast expanding with many youths graduating from riding bicycles to owning and riding motor cycles.
This opportunity has not escaped from the vision of Nyeko Balikare Company Limited based in Lira that is this December opening the first ever assembling plant for its Japanese brand of NBK motorcycles in Lira to supply the markets already existing in all the districts within Lango, Acholi, West Nile, Bunyoro and parts of Buganda regions. The national opening event on the date yet to be announced is code named: World on the Wheels -2013.

What should all motorcycle dealers focus on in their business?
A. Making Profits
B. Costs of motorcycles
C. Mechanical conditions of the motorcycles
D. Safety of the riders
E. Riding permits

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