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What is your plan for planting sweet potato in the next season? - LIBERTY FM



If I was to start today's programme with answering calls, I am sure, my callers would report how their children are asking for orange sweet potato. This is because, in episode 8, Florence’s children had the best moment at their meal time with a new visitor in the plate; orange sweet potato. And those who voted for option A would even add more pressure because they said, they like the taste of orange sweet potato sooo much! I hope Florence has more for the children… let’s find out.

After the drama
Florence could not wait for her children to begin asking for what is not there. She had to run around and search for what to prepare today and also for the future. If she did not relax when Nora told her about orange sweet potato, she would not be begging cooked food now. You heard how she is wishing she can plant and harvest within 24hours. The next planting season is seemingly a million years especially at this moment when there is a high demand for orange sweet potato in her family. Share with us today…

Poll Question
What is your plan for planting sweet potato in the next season?
A.  look around for orange sweet potato vines to plant
B.  plant the ones I know
C.  don’t know
D.  I’ll plant both the orange and regular sweet potatoes

Go to messages on your phone, Type in FARMER - leave a space - Name of your DISTRICT and type in either A, B, C or D  plus your reason to 8585 - Absolutely free of charge

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