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Which of the following is the best source of agriculture information in your district? - LIBERTY FM


In episode 10, we had another encounter with “Rolland the drunk” and his friend Kenneth; drinking beyond their pockets.
In the poll,
 87% told Florence to carry on with the struggle and support her children,
 4% told Florence to give up and wait for Roland to provide for the family
 9%   told Florence to pack and leave the man with his children.

Let’s hear which option Florence will take in today’s episode.

After the drama
Florence did not wake up to chase after Rolland; instead, she went for apprenticeship. She is waiting for rain so that she can start planting her orange sweet potato. As she waits for the season, she is helping Nora. Through this, she is learning how to plant, how to identify good and bad vines and how to get high yield from her farming. Nora in this episode is the source of information on orange sweet potato. She teases Florence that she got it “from the university”.

Poll Question
Which of the following is the best source of agriculture information in your district?
A. Radio
B. Newspapers
C. Farmer groups
D. Extension agents / NAADS
E. Friends and Family
F. Traders
G. It’s difficult to get information

Go to messages on your phone, Type in FARMER - leave a space - Name of your DISTRICT and type in either A, B, C, D, E, F or G  to 8585 - Absolutely free of charge

For more information about Orange Sweet Potato please call:
Kate Kyalisima 0782957149

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