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What is the recommended number of vines per mound when planting orange sweet potato? - VOICE OF KIGEZI


In episode 11, Nora spent her time telling Florence what to do. Showing her, best farming practice as far as planting orange sweet potato is concerned. Nora was an important source of information for her friend. In your feedback you said radios, newspapers, farmer groups and also friends like Nora, are your important sources of agriculture information. Now, after getting this information, do we apply them correctly? And also, do we need any follow up. Let’s prove in episode 12 if at all, the story has something for us.

After the drama
Nora did not stop at teaching Florence only; she followed her to see how she will apply the knowledge. Rolland comes back carrying in his head what was emptied from bottles, tot packs, cans etc. and all he is asking for is sauce, not knowing that in Florence’s head are skills for planting orange sweet potato; how many vines to plant on a mound and how to get high yield from her crop. Though a teacher, I doubt if Rolland knows how to plant vines on a mound.

Poll Question

What is the recommended number of vines per mound when planting orange sweet potato?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 5
E. I don’t know

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