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Do you think traditional birth attendants should continue delivering mothers?

Uganda is among many other countries in the world working hard to reduce the number of mother and child maternal mortality rate as set in the Millennium Development Goals 2015.

The recent statistics show that 16 women die everyday in Uganda due to pregnancy related complications. Some of these women die giving birth. Even though pregnant mothers are advised to give birth in hospitals, many women still prefer to give birth in the care of traditional birth attendants.

Traditional birth attendants provide basic health care, support and advice during and after pregnancy and childbirth, based primarily on experience and knowledge acquired informally through the traditions and practices of the communities where they originated. Traditional birth attendants are also known as traditional midwives.

In Kyegegwa District there are mothers who have died while giving birth in the hands of untrained traditional birth attendants in 2013.

Do you think traditional birth attendants should continue delivering mothers?
A.      Yes
B.      No

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