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What do you consider when choosing a crop to plant? - VOICE OF KIGEZI

In episode 13, we saw how orange sweet potato has become gold. Everywhere; from shadow village toforest, orange sweet potato is wanted. In our poll question of last week: In Kabale 30% said orange potato is available where they live and 70% said it’s not available.

Today still in My Children, a story you have been listening to for the last one year, we want to know if it’s true that orange sweet potato is not available in the whole of shadow village.

After the drama 
Luck! Someone is about to be lucky; soon she will hit the jackpot. In three weeks, Nora will be rich! This episode has proved to us that, she is the only one keeping the “gold” people are looking for. I wonder if she knew that planting orange sweet potato is such a lucrative deal, a business opportunity with ready market and a food crop with a very essential food value for healthy human being, especially our children.

Poll Question

What do you consider when choosing a crop to plant?
A. Its marketability.
B. The nutrition values in it
C. The duration it takes in the garden
D. What my children like most
E. Yield

Go to messages on your phone, Type in SAM - leave a space - Name of your DISTRICT and type in either A, B, C, D, or E to 8585 - Absolutely free of charge

For more information about Orange Sweet Potato please call:
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