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What is the biggest challenge faced by the farmers in the Rwenzori region?

Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda; statistics indicate that 85 – 90 % of Uganda’s population are farmers. It is unfortunate however that agriculture is one of the least funded sectors in Uganda. This coupled with several other factors like unpredictable change in weather patterns, crop pests and diseases, limited access to and use of technology, lack of markets and market information, and inadequate land for tilling among others have continuously frustrated farmers and also failed agriculture in Uganda. It is important to note however that several development partners and CSOs have worked with government to support the interventions in place to boost agriculture In the Rwenzori region for example, RIC-NET in collaboration with Plantwise Uganda with support from CABI UK are implementing a plant clinic project in the border districts of Bundibugyo and Kasese. This project code named Healthy plants for healthy people aims supporting farmers to fight crop pests and diseases. This intervention has helped in ensuring reduced crop pests and diseases, higher yields, enhanced food security and boosted incomes at the household level. Other organizations like CABS and KRC are engaged in offering market and climate change related information. Nevertheless the sector is still faced with several challenges that need to be addressed. These differ from region to region, district to district, or even farmer to farmer.


What is the biggest challenge faced by the farmers in the Rwenzori region?

A. Prolonged dry or wet season
B. Limited access to land
C.Pests and Diseases
D. Lack of markets and market information
E. Limited access to loans
F. Limited access to technology
G. Other (Specify)

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