The TRAC FM software is a unique, custom-built online platform. It is made user-friendly for remote and developing regions. No installation is required on local computers and the interface is built to work with low bandwidth Internet. TRAC FM services range from program format design to training local stations, software customization, data analysis, infographic design, call center feedback and the connection of local infrastructure (toll-free shortcodes).

Below is the process TRAC FM undertakes to achieve it's objectives

     1. Stakeholders identify issues
Together with stakeholders like service providers, CS0s, NGOs, research groups and radio stations, TRAC FM identifies everyday challenges and key issues related to public services or other relevant topics.
Following this consultation with experts, a series of poll questions is formulated.

      2. Surveys and poll questions are broadcasted

Poll questions are broadcasted during radio debates. some during a single live talk-show, others through a series of on-air mentions. For every poll question, a relevant background script is added for the radio presenter to inform listeners.

3. People send their responses

Listeners reply to the poll by sending in a free SMS to a toll-free number (a short code). Anyone with access to a simple mobile phone can participate.
Every listener can participate once per poll. in this way, every vote is counted equally. 

      4. Poll results are updated and discussed

The incoming SMS' are instantly visualized on the radio presenter's screen. he updated his listeners on the latest results and discusses outcomes with guests or a co-host.
Through 'Location polls' the presenter knows his listeners' location. Listeners can also add a short comment in their SMS.

      5. Results are shared back with Partners.

Valuable feedback is collected that informs our partners on the collective voices of thousands of people. This data can be used for needs assessments, M&E, early warning, research and campaigns. TRAC FM can turn results into attractive reports and infographics.