At the closing of this year's State of the Nation address, President Museveni made a comment wondering why MPs and politicians should carry their constituency, yet the voters have to carry the politicians.  

The president then countered an interjection by Chief Opposition Whip Cecilia Ogwal, who accused him of introducing the bad culture of given out "brown envelopes". Mr. Museveni replied that he's the president and able to give out these envelopes, while Mrs. Ogwal and other politicians could not handle the pressure. 

It’s well known in Uganda that “giving out envelopes” is code for giving out bribes. In defence of the brown envelopes, the President has in the past said that it is his responsibility to support communities.

We took it to the people and asked them if it's acceptable for the President to give out 'brown envelopes'. 62% voted for the 'brown envelop' and 37% against.

A follow-up poll showed that most(32.3%) attributed the support for the 'brown envelopes' to poverty; 31.3% didn't think of it as corruption, 29.4% thought it's just cultural and 7% had no opinion.