A few weeks ago we discussed an important topic that is often not talked about in public in Uganda - sexual education. 

According to a scientific study conducted by researchers in Uganda in 2013, only 34% of Ugandan girls and 22% of boys aged 12–14 years receive sex education in schools. At the same time, 71% of girls and 64% of boys never discuss sexual matters with their parents at home, with the result that many children in Uganda never receive any education on the topic.

In the Set the Agenda campaign, we asked your listeners "Who should teach our Children about Sexual Education?". More than 3000 listeners sent in their answer from 8 radio stations across Uganda, and a large majority of 66% believe that parents should be primarily responsible for teaching our children about sexual education. 19% think that the schools should be responsible, while 8% and 7% answered religious leaders and the media, respectively.

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