In Uganda, only 2% of the national budget is spent on agriculture. However, agriculture is the backbone of the Ugandan economy and accounts for 23% of the GDP. More than 70% of all Ugandans are working in agriculture, and the large majority of them are subsistence farmers that produce just enough to cater for their families.

Last week we wanted to address this issue through the Set the Agenda campaign. Many of the listeners of the 8 radio stations participating are farmers, and we wanted to ask them what kind of agricultural support they preferred. More than 2600 of your listeners responded by sending a free SMS, and the biggest response was "organize farmers unions and link farmers to buyers", which 34% preferred. 23% selected "donating machinery (hoes, tractors)", 22% wanted the government to provide loans to farmers, and 20% wanted farmers to receive free farm implements such as seeds and fertilizers. The results clearly show that increasing the number of farmers unions are important for farmers and should be a focus in agricultural policies. 

Together with local media partners, Trac FM identifies and formulates questions regarding public services, the survey questions are later broadcasted on radio and people send in SMS participating in the poll questions free of charge, incoming SMS reports are visualized in smart graphic designs and relayed within seconds for radio presenters to update listeners on survey results.