The Uganda Police’s main duty is to maintain law and order, and work to make the Ugandan people feel safe. In recent times, the police force has been in the limelight for brutal treatment of the citizens and corruption.

The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) 18th annual report was released a few weeks ago, and for the eighth year in a row, the police have been pinpointed as the leading abusers of human rights in the country by the agency charged with 385 (50.65%) complainants out of the total of 760 in 2015.

We took a poll question "Which of the following describes your view of police best?" to the masses around the country through 7 different radio stations. The majority (59%) of 2937 respondents said the police is unreliable, corrupt and cannot be trusted, 22% said its aggressive and violent, 14% said the police is trying to achieve its main purpose, it just doesn't have enough resources and the minority 5% said they have no complaints about the police and they do an excellent job

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