The Ugandan water supply system has made substantial progress in the last 10 years, with the expansion of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation and efforts to upgrade water systems in many regions. Yet there are still many communities, in both rural and urban areas, who rely on contaminated water sources such as open wells and streams. Only 65% of the population have access to safe water sources  according to

“The human right to water entitles everyone to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic uses" - The United Nations.  

Recently we asked Ugandans; "What is your source of water?" in our Set The Agenda Campaign that has been running for the past 23 weeks. The poll question ran on 7 different radio stations across all regions of the country with over 3500 respondents. 
The majority, 42% of those who replied to the poll said boreholes are their primary source of water, 34% said wells, 16% used rivers and lakes and only 8% indicated they used tapped water.

Together with local media partners, Trac FM identifies and formulates questions regarding public services, the survey questions are later broadcasted on radio and people send in SMS participating in the poll questions free of charge, incoming SMS reports are visualized in smart graphic designs and relayed within seconds for radio presenters to update listeners on survey results