Every day, youth in Uganda are getting desperate due to high unemployment and consider gambling as a ‘tentative’ solution to the problem. Sports betting is a form of gambling where someone predicts the result of a sports game with the hope of winning a cash prize.

There are betting shops in almost every urban town across the country, laws relating to lottery and gambling have become obsolete and are not sensitive to the new modes of gambling and the unprecedented growth of the industry. 

In January 2016, Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga said - “The government is in the final stages of stopping all betting companies from operating business in Uganda on the grounds that they are cheating locals and evading taxes.”

In what has turned out to be our biggest poll in our Set The Agenda campaign sofar, With close to 6000 responses; we asked if sports betting should be minimized or banned completely in the country.
More than half(58%) of the radio listeners suggested that the risks are high and sports betting should be banned while 31% of the 5762 respondents suggested otherwise since before are earning a living through sports betting and the minority 11% said they don't mind. 

Image Credit: Daily Monitor

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