As we all know, youth unemployment is a big problem in Uganda, and different sources indicate that between 60% and 80% of the young population are unemployed. Many Ugandan secondary and university students are struggling to find a job after they graduate. According to the International Labour Organization, part of the problem is that schools, universities, and training institutions in Uganda do not equip students with the right skills that the marked demands. 

Few weeks ago we addressed this "skill-gap" in our Set the Agenda Campaign. We asked listeners on 10 radio stations "What should be changed in the way our children are taught in schools today?", and almost 4000 people answered. 3 out of 4 respondents answered that we should either focus on children's specific, individual talents, or that we should be teaching more vocational skills. 18% answered that we should be teaching more ICT skills, and only 8% of respondents thought that nothing should be changed in the way the children are learning. Clearly, most Ugandans believe that something should be done to address the gap between what children learn and what they need to know to get employed. 

Together with local media partners, Trac FM identifies and formulates questions regarding public services, the survey questions are later broadcasted on radio and people send in SMS participating in the poll questions free of charge, incoming SMS reports are visualized in smart graphic designs and relayed within seconds for radio presenters to update listeners on survey results