Bride price is a highly cherished custom in Uganda. In some cultures or families, the bride price is optional. In others, it is mandatory. Although it's seen as a way to show respect and appreciation to the woman’s family, there are several negative issues surrounding it, which the Marriage and Divorce Bill aims to solve. It does not prohibit bride price but it suggests that these gifts should not be an essential requirement for any marriage.

In our third and last poll question of the Common Matters campaign with UWONET(Uganda Women's Network), we aimed to collect opinions on what the public thinks are the issues surrounding bride price in their communities.

 With 9 evenly distributed radio stations running the poll question across the country, over 4000 responses were received. 26% believed bride price is a burden to young men, 26% also say it makes women be seen as property, 22% say it increases domestic violence, 14% say its burden because it's non-refundable when divorce occurs and finally 13% say it increases child marriages. 

At the end of the poll question, each radio station held an on-air debate about the results with representatives from UWONET and various duty bearers in the studio. You can listen to some of the recordings of the talk shows, find the links below the infographic.

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