in Our seventh poll question of the Common Matters campaign, Trac FM partnered with Reach A Hand Uganda to inquire from the radio listeners about health services required by adolescents in communities. This is the first of 3 poll questions that will be run as a result of this partnership. The main goals set to be achieved from this partnership with RAHU is to increase youth friendly services in health centers across the country, to Inform the youth and providers that it is the right of the youth to receive these services and to have more funds allocated for youth-friendly services. 

In a traditional health facility setting, all patients access care according to specific health needs. However, this does not cater for the needs of adolescents and young people, especially when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. To address the health needs of the adolescents, youth friendly health services are available in some public and private health facilities. Unfortunately, these are not always available or fully functioning, while the need for services is there.

Our poll question: Which health service is most required by adolescents in your community?  received over 2800 responses across 8 radio stations evenly distributed across the country.

 As shown in the infographic below, the majority(44%) of the responses said the youth need information and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, 19% - Psychosocial care for sexual or substance abuse, 13% - provision of maternal care for teenage pregnancies, 13% - provision of family planning services and finally 11% - information on youth health rights.

At the end of the poll question, each radio station held an on-air debate about the results with representatives from RAHU Uganda and various duty bearers in the studio.

Together with local media partners, Trac FM identifies and formulates questions regarding public services, the survey questions are later broadcasted on radio and people send in SMS participating in the poll questions free of charge, incoming SMS reports are visualized in smart graphic designs and relayed within seconds for radio presenters to update listeners on survey results.