After getting over 3000 responses from our previous poll question with HEPS Uganda, where respondents gave their opinions on Why don’t people go for a Malaria test?The poll revealed that the majority don't need a malaria test. In our third and last poll with HEPS in the Common Matters campaign, We continue to collect information on malaria testing and its perception by the masses.

There are different blood tests for Malaria. The outcome of the test determines whether someone has malaria or not and whether that person needs treatment. One of the newest tests is the Rapid Diagnostic Test. It requires one drop of blood and is almost everytime correct. These tests are cheap and more used in Uganda nowadays. However, it is known that the result of a malaria test is not always believed by patients.

When asked: Do you believe the outcome of a malaria test? here are the final results from a poll question that ran on 8 radio stations across the country and receiving over 4500 responses.
63% - Yes, I always believe the results.
21% -  Not always, my own diagnosis is more important.
16% -  I have never had a Malaria test

At the end of the poll question, each radio station held an on-air debate about the results with representatives from HEPS Uganda and various duty bearers in the studio.