After our recent poll on the health services required by the youth in communities which saw the majority (44%) of the respondents say information and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases are vital for the youth, Our next and second poll question in partnership with Read A Hand Uganda is about teenage pregnancy.

Although the rates of teenage pregnancy have gone down in recent years, the national average stands at 25% of the girls aged 15 to 19 years is already a mother or pregnant with her first child. The major causes for these rates are early marriages, lack of access to Sexual Reproductive Health information and services, poverty and cultural beliefs. Youth friendly health services have been presented as one of the possible solutions to these challenges because they provide information and services which guide young people to make informed reproductive health decisions. On the other hand, some people argue that access to these services alone will not effectively reduce the rates of teenage pregnancy.

in this poll question, we asked; How effective is the provision of youth friendly health services in reducing the rates of teenage pregnancy?
Results of this poll question are in the infographic below

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