In our recent poll question, responses we received showed that provision of information and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases are most required by youth. Close to half of the responses (44%) said STD's needed the attention as compared to the other options. You can find the infographic on this poll question here. Examples of Sexual Transmitted Diseases are syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, HPV, and HIV. These are transmitted through unprotected sex. Most of these can easily be treated, but young people are often reluctant to go to a health facility.

For our third and last poll question in our partnership with Reach A Hand for the Common Matters Program, we focus on STD's and particularly on what stops the youth from seeking medical treatment for Sexually transmitted diseases. 
With 45% of TracFM's respondents being among the age of 16-25, we received over 3000 responses and the results are as indicated

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