Choosing an appropriate school is an important decision parents have to make for their child’s education. This decision can determine their child's future, performance, faith, culture, and several other aspects in their lives. In most cases, it is the parents or guardians that make this final decision. The reasons for this decision can vary.

In our first poll question, we asked radio listeners through 9 radio stations across the country what they thought is the most important factor when choosing a school for a child. With 4 options available to the respondents, the majority(58%) believed that the most important factor is to consider the ranking of a school based on its O and A level exam results. 21% of respondents believed the cost of education is the most important factor while 11% felt that the ownership of the school (government or private, faith-based or secular) is most important and lastly, 10% felt that the proximity of the school is the most important factor.
Below is a detailed infographic of this poll question. 
Together with local media partners, Trac FM identifies and formulates questions regarding public services, the survey questions are later broadcasted on radio and people send in SMS participating in the poll questions free of charge, incoming SMS reports are visualized in smart graphic designs and relayed within seconds for radio presenters to update listeners on survey results.