Trees have proven to be essential to our well-being for various reasons. The importance of trees has sparked a debate because some view trees as important because of their impact on the environment, while others view trees as important due to their ability to generate income. With the contrasting views on the importance of trees in mind, Trac FM and Environmental Alert asked radio listeners to answer the following question: Which of the following best describes why trees are important to you?

With over 3,000 responses, 54% said that trees are important to them because they contribute to the rain formation. 24%  felt that trees are important because they generate an income. 17% said that trees restore soil fertility and provide shade while 5% felt trees are not important to them at all. What is clear from this poll question is that the overwhelming majority of respondents believe that trees are important in one way or another. This is a good starting point in the discussion of tree planting in an effort to positively impact the environment. Our infographic below provides more information. You can read more on Trac FM’s partnership with Environmental Alert here.