Trees play an important role in rain formation and weather patterns. Cutting down trees negatively affects the climate which is one of the reasons we are experiencing temperature changes worldwide. One solution to this problem is agroforestry. Agroforestry practices aim to combine agriculture with tree planting which in turn fights this change in the climate. However, agroforestry activities are not yet implemented by more than half of the population. Why is this the case?

Trac FM and Environmental Alert posed the following question to radio listeners: what is the biggest barrier for you to not practice agroforestry?

Our results:

39%: Lack of seedlings, tools and equipment

29%: Lack of knowledge and skills

21%: It takes a long time before income can be generated

11%: Growing crops like maize is more profitable

These results show that in order for agroforestry practices to be implemented by Ugandan farmers, there must be efforts to disseminate information regarding how to carry out these practices. Additionally, equipment must be more accessible if farmers are to start practicing agroforestry. Our infographic below offers more details.