Serious citizens; Gender-Based Violence- Poll 3

What should boys and men who feel pressured by expectations do to provide for their families?

36% -
Be a man and try harder
31% - 
Discuss their feelings with their partner
18% - 
Pray harder and more often
10% - 
Move out of the village to the city
5% -   
Drink alcohol with friends

In Uganda, traditional gender roles dictate that men are responsible for protecting, providing, and making household decisions, while women are expected to manage daily tasks and resources in support of their husbands. Men are in charge of productive resources such as land and livestock, while women typically fulfill reproductive roles. As a result of this social organization, men hold more dominant positions and hierarchy in everyday life. valued in a particular context is sometimes described as the 'hegemonic' masculinity. Based on poll findings, Hegemonic masculinity in Uganda dictates to 'be a man and try harder' (36%) when times are tough.

When developing the poll, it was expected that female participants would favor option c; Discuss financial problems with their partner (30%). Interestingly, poll results show no significant difference between men and women when it comes to discussing financial problems at home.