Radio Pacis is a new station in Gulu (Northern Uganda) and it will run a weekly talk-show where TRAC FM technology will be used to involve people in giving objective and data driven feedback to guests and to others who are tuned in.

Try out
As always, the presenters were very curious on how many people would respond to the question posed during the talk-show. Most stations do not have an idea on how many people are listening in. During the one and a half hour talk-show, radio presenter Ocakacon led the debate. Troughout the talk-show, Ocakacon reminded people to send in their answer to the poll question, which was kept very simple as it was a first try-out.

Poll question
Listeners were asked if they had noticed considerable improvement of service delivery in their district. As the talk-show proceeded replies started coming in and Ocakacon could update his guests on the first results. Based on the results, which showed that many listeners had not seen a considerable effect. See the polls hosted by radio Pacis Gulu in our polls page, they use the keyword 'Gulu'.