This partnership is aimed at promoting citizen participation in public service monitoring.
The energy behind this partnership is the fact that Trac FM and RIC-NET share common interests when it comes to promoting citizen participation in service delivery and social accountability. Trac FM provides the platform, trains users and necessary technical assistance to the radio stations while RIC-NET works with the service monitors to create poll questions.

Two weeks ago Trac FM team took a road trip to Fort Portal and trained public service monitors and radio presenters affiliated to RIC-NET on how to formulate poll questions.
During the training we demonstrated how Trac FM works. In small groups we also gave participants exercises to formulate poll questions.  The radio presenters who participated in the training gave great reviews and said that the Trac FM platform will make it easy for them to give listeners feedback on poll results during their interactive talk-shows.

Following the training two radio stations in the Rwenzori region have started using Trac FM software to run poll questions during their weekly talk-shows on service delivery. The two radio stations are Life FM in the heart of Fort Portal and Kasese Guide Radio in Kasese.