With this grant TRAC FM is able to actively search for new media- and NGO-partners in Africa who are interested in using the TRAC FM software. Being able to actively search for new partnerships is essential for the viability of TRAC FM, for two reasons.

More efficiency
To ensure sustainability, TRAC FM needs more partners. A greater working field for TRAC FM raises the effectiveness of the organization and will lead to general costs deducting within the organization. This will eventually result in a more efficient way of spreading the TRAC FM software for local radio and television stations and in an overall costs deduction of operational cost of the software. 

Pilot Phase
TRAC FM is reaching a phase where it has to spread awareness about the TRAC FM software to potential partners and involve many more African citizens. TRAC FM is no longer in its pilot phase. Its an effective tool to engage citizens in public debate. TRAC fine-tuned its software and is ready to serve more television and radio stations across Africa. 

With the grant of The Indigo Trust, TRAC FM is able to hire assistance for our team. The new team members will focus on promoting TRAC FM and create new partnerships. Click here to see who are the team members of TRAC FM. 

The Indigo Trust
The Indigo Trust is a grant making foundation that funds technology-driven projects to bring about social change, largely in African countries.  The Trust focuses mainly on innovation, transparency and citizen empowerment. Click here to read more about the Indigo Trust.