'Set the Agenda' is an initiative by TRAC FM to set up a nation wide campaign where citizens of Uganda can make their voices count. 

Together with our radio partners and a number of civil society groups, we push for election debates that put people in the driver seat when it comes to discussing issues that matter.

What should be the priority of the new government? Has your livelihood improved in the last 5 years? What are the most pressing issues in your region? We want citizens, not politicians, to be in the center of the debate. 

Through the TRAC FM method and software platform, participants are able to take part in interactive radio polls by sending in a single free SMS to each poll. Radio hosts instantly see results on their screen and discuss the feedback with guests in their studio. 

The collected data is also presented to decision makers in government, civil society, the media and NGOs. In this way, thousands of radio listeners make sure that their voices are taken into account. 

Join us to 'Set the Agenda' and discuss policies instead of politics!

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Polls part of this campaign:
STA1: What should the government's priority be in the next five years?