Common Matters is TRAC FM newest program, supported by Making All Voices Count (MAVC). TRAC FM promotes Transparency and Accountability through high quality public debate in interactive radio talk-shows. Through the Trac FM software platform, radio listeners get involved in structured and informed debates on a wide range of socio-economic and cultural issues. The results of the radio polls are used to inform our partners in research and advocacy campaigns.

Through this partnership with MAVC, TRAC FM has the opportunity to push boundaries of its method, to use new and old media promoting meaningful public debate, and to strengthen public accountability and citizen-led advocacy. Furthermore, the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning plan within the Common Matters program enables TRAC FM to build on further advance on an evidence-based proof of its method. This document describes the strategy we have set out to measure, gage, and analyse with the ultimate goal to use the lessons learned to improve on our work.

With support from MAVC, TRAC FM is able to structurally examine our own work processes and method and document our findings in an elaborate Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning plan (MEL). Through the Common Matters program, TRAC FM aims to further advance on an evidence based proof of its concept.

The objective of Common Matters is to stimulate public awareness and facilitate the public debate with user-friendly and factual data. Through the Common Matters program, TRAC FM activates citizens to be part of the political process and share their views and experiences with authorities and development practitioners in order to strengthen advocacy campaigns and influence policy.

TRAC FM will work with 5 selected Ugandan civil society organisations (CSOs) on an elaborate advocacy campaign plan (ACP). Within the ACP we guide partners in setting up a well-designed and data-driven advocacy campaign that is based on 3 interactive TRAC FM radio polls aired on 9 radio stations throughout the country. It is expected that over 13.000 radio listeners will participate per campaign, by sending in a free SMS message, and that millions of Ugandan citizens are reached by listening to the radio debates.

TRAC FM assists partners in formulating poll questions, setting up an ACP, report on poll results through well-designed reports and cater for SMS costs, trainings and radio airtime involved in the campaign. As Trac FM has always been a learning organisation, sprouted from academic research in 2009, we highly appreciate the MAVCs support in our learning processes, both financially and through sharing of best MEL practices.

Individual Campaign projects

1. The Divorce and Marriage Bill: Poll One, Poll Two, Poll Three | Final Report
2. Rapid diagnostic tests for fighting Malaria in Uganda: Poll One, Poll Two, Poll Three | Final Report
3. Youth-friendly health services: Poll One, Poll Two, Poll Three | Final Report
4. Contracting private schools in public education: Poll One, Poll Two, Poll Three | Final Report
5. Deforestation in Uganda: Poll One, Poll Two, Poll Three | Final Report

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