Building on the achievements of the Common Matters 1 program, this year, TRAC FM is pleased to introduce the Common Matters 2 program. In this program, TRAC FM will partner with 3 CSO partners and 10 radio stations across Uganda over a period of 2 years. The campaigns will broadly cover;

The 10 radio stations we shall be partnering with include; Hunter FM(Ankole), Hits FM(Toro),  Radio Simba(Buganda), Baba FM(Busoga), Open Gate(Bugisu), Delta FM(Teso), Mega FM(Acholi), Radio WA(Lango), Atekere FM(Karamoja) and Radio PACIS(West Nile).


Each individual campaign will enable us to boost exposure, knowledge, data and profile on the key issues. Each campaign will approximately take 6 months - covering 8 interactive talk shows on 10 radio stations throughout Uganda. 

Each campaign has 2 main components

  • Raising awareness and collecting citizen perspectives through interactive radio debates. 
  • Advocating for people-powered perspectives and demanding accountability from leaders and decision makers

Per campaign, over 72,000 radio listeners will participate in TRAC FM polls by sending in a free SMS message. Nationwide, millions of Ugandans will listen to the radio debates on several land-rights issues. The results from the SMS polls will form the basis of each radio debate where citizen perspectives have a central role. Trained radio hosts are informed about land rights issues and relevant partners, policymakers and experts are offered seats in the studio to debate and present their case for a large radio audience.

Citizen-generated data from the radio polls is a valuable asset for advocacy work. Thousands of people from all around the country chip in to make their collective voices heard. TRAC FM processes the data and turns the results into attractive and powerful infographics. Our partners can use these infographics in their advocacy work and thus, be empowered by representing the true will of the people.

Individual Campaign projects

1. Land Rights Campaign with Environmental Alert(EA).


Polls part of this campaign: