TRAC FM worked with Light for the World (LFTW) on an interactive radio campaign to raise awareness and assess the impact of the coronavirus disease pandemic on the livelihood of persons living with disabilities in Uganda.

Within this campaign, TRAC FM worked with a network of six radio stations namely; Radio Simba in Buganda, Radio WA in Lango, Radio Pacis in West Nile, Mega FM in Acholi, Radio West in Ankole and Open Gate FM in Bugisu to reach and amplify the voices of radio listeners across Uganda. The collected data will inform TRAC FM and LFTW about the needs, challenges and experiences of Ugandans during this covid19 lockdown. 

In addition to radio talk shows and poll, TRAC FM also used mini-drama skits to increase audience engagement and to show the often overlooked plight of persons with disabilities. The skits will be produced and aired in 5 local languages (Luo, Luganda, Lugbara, Runyankole and Lugisu).

Final Report:

Polls part of this campaign: