In June 2020, the Government of Uganda approved the National Transitional Justice policy, demonstrating a commitment to address the country’s legacy of conflict and concerns related peace, justice, reconciliation, accountability and social reintegration. This provided opportunities for civil society and other actors in NTJ to link these commitments to action by reflecting on the priority areas vis-à-vis; past transitional justice and post-conflict recovery responses; the lingering effects of the conflict in Northern Uganda; the unaddressed human rights violations; the underpinned structural causes as well as; the current justice needs and priorities of victims.

In February 2019, different stakeholders in the TJ fraternity held a stakeholders’ dialogue in which they discussed strategies to promote the implementation of the National Transitional Justice policy. Participants recommended that Members of Parliament should consult their constituents about their expectations towards the NTJ policy; organise civil society participation in the debates in Parliament, in particular, in consideration and fasting tracking the vote on the TJ Bill. Therefore, in order to have the recommendations in place, it’s very important to engage MPs in the debate on Transitional Justice. 

Therefore, ASF Uganda and TRAC FM have organised the TRJ media campaign to run on 3 MF radio stations in the sub regions of Acholi (Mega FM), Lango (Radio Wa) and West Nile (Radio Pacis).

The radio stations are responsible for hosting 3 radio talk shows and the promotion of the responses to the polls relating to each specific talk show. They are also expected to obtain an average of 1,000 responses per poll question. The response number may vary per radio station depending on the size of their audience. This leads to a total of 3,000 responses per poll across all 3 stations and a total of 9,000 responses throughout the campaign. 

TRAC FM methodology is a multimodal and blend of talk radio, SMS polls and audience

talkback based on clustered samples of citizens in certain geographical areas of Uganda. Through live radio talk-shows and SMS polls TRAC FM collects data that helps our Civil

Society Organisations (CSO) partners to advocate for pro-citizen policies. 

Final Report:

Polls part of this campaign: