About WASH SDG Program and what Wottazela 6.0 focused on:

Combinations of community-based approaches are being used to create awareness and understanding of WASH needs and rights by the communities and institutions. Using demand driven approaches, the communities and institutions are realizing the need to invest in improved WASH services and linked with WASH focused service providers and government WASH structures.

This project worked with community members through different approaches among which is building partnerships/ linkages with business enterprises and financial institutions to ensure that there is an improvement in WASH service provision.

Key areas of focus

• How has demand for WASH services been created in the target area (Agago District)
• What role has the private sector/ WASH service providers played in WASH service provision
• How has the local government contributed towards the improvement of WASH in Agago district
• What are the Gender Equity and Social Inclusion dynamics in Agago district (role of the marginalized and socially excluded groups in WASH service provision)
• How have Issues related to Climate Vulnerability and Resilience been handled in the target area (Agago District)

Final Report:

Polls part of this campaign: